2017.05.16 - Working Whilst it is Wet

The first task of the day, as soon as I was able to do so, was to put a coat of burgundy paint on the bobstay fitting. The forecast is for rain later on in the day and I wanted the paint to be dry enough to withstand the wet. Sure enough, soon after I started working on Naiad later in the afternoon after work, the rain started. Not a heavy rain but enough to get me decidedly damp.

Here's one thing I managed to get done between showers, the compass mounting.

A bit later on the mainsail clew outhaul cleat was fixed to the boom and the outhaul fitted.

This is the other end of the outhaul. The rope is tied around the ring you can see there and also the cringle in the sail. The cringle in the sail comes to just past the wooden reefing points so you can pull on the outhaul to stretch the bottom of the sail. In light winds you would slacken it off a little and in stronger winds it gets tightened up. The ring stops the sail to rising off the boom.

The port nameplate got fixed on, although I had a beautiful assistant to help here...

...and one on the other side. Now Naiad has all her name plates fixed.

After this I varnished the tiller and locker door and retreated to the dry of the conservatory where I continued and finished the staysail hand sewing.

Here is the cut down sail. It probably doesn't look that much smaller than before but when it is hoisted you will be able to see the difference.

I cut the reinforcing out of the original sail and then sewed it back in the new position. With the cringle added this completes the staysail. Two down, one to go.

With the very heavy rain forecast for tomorrow, I could really do with having the cockpit tent made. I would be able to do a number of jobs in the cockpit and the dry. It isn't going to happen, however, at this point the cockpit tent is a luxury not a necessity.