Naiad's Voyages

These are the voyages of Naiad, a Fairey Falcon dinghy in the fashion of Shoal Waters.

Captain's Table

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Naiad's Reconstruction

For details of the reconstruction of Naiad you should see the reconstruction project log.

Latest News on the Naiad Voyages.

2023.05.11 - Mundon Stone Point Overnight
Thursday. I still had a few things I needed to do onboard before the overnight trips so I went down to the mooring to get those ...more
2023.05.07 - Voyage to Mundon Stone Point
The weather forecast and tides for today looked good for a trip to Mundon Stone Point and return. Low Water was at 08:07 and it was Spring ...more
2023.04.29 - First Sail of the 2023 Season
The weather forecast for today called for winds initially from the North East and then from the South East later force 1, sunny with a high ...more
2023.04.22 - New Sails
Before I can go sailing on Naiad I had to put on her new sails. I collected these from the sailmaker on 17th March and they have been ...more
2023.04.16 - The Launch Spring 2023
Today was going to be a very busy day. My alarm woke me at half past midnight and I was driving away at 01:06 have got up, done my ...more
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