Naiad's Voyages

These are the voyages of Naiad, a Fairey Falcon dinghy in the fashion of Shoal Waters.

Captain's Table

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Naiad's Reconstruction

For details of the reconstruction of Naiad you should see the reconstruction project log.

Latest News on the Naiad Voyages.

2023.11.07 - Post Storm Ciarán Cleanup
I left Naiad somewhat hastily after my last visit, Storm Ciarán had passed by during the night and I had to get home smartish and Read More
2023.11.01 - Storm Ciarán
With Storm Ciarán due to make landfall during the evening and night of 1st November 2023 I kept a careful eye on the weather forecast Read More
2023.10.28 - New Cockpit Bottom Boards 1
Another task of the never-ending list of things that I need to do for Naiad is to sort out the issue of the cockpit bottom boards. The Read More
2023.10.26 - Self-Steering Tiller Guide Mk3, Part VI
The various parts of the tiller guide have been sitting in the kitchen keeping warm so that the last coat of varnish cured nice and hard. It Read More
2023.10.25 - Self-Steering Tiller Guide Mk3, Part V
I am getting close to finishing the tiller guide, the last few days have been dealing with the epoxy and varnish coatings that will preserve Read More
2023.10.21 - Hand Lead Line
A hand lead line is the device used by mariners before the advent of the modern depth sounders that work on ultrasonic sound waves. It is a Read More
2023.10.20 - Self-Steering Tiller Guide Mk3, Part IV
A quick delivery meant that the drop-nose pins arrived today so the next phase of the self-steering tiller guide could be carried out. Read More
2023.10.19 - Self-Steering Tiller Guide Mk3, Part III
Well, that didn't work. Three of the four pieces of epoxy putty didn't adhere to the guide and all of them turned out offset. This is a bit Read More
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