2017.05.15 - The Final Week

This week sees the re-launch of Naiad on Friday so the tone of the week will be to get the remaining tasks done by Thursday evening when the boat and car need to be prepared for the drive to the Marina on Friday morning..

So here is the current outstanding task list:

  • Hand sew mainsail seams.
  • Add eyelets to mainsail for sail lashings and reefing points.
  • Bend on mainsail.
  • Make reefing outhauls.
  • Fit mainsail outhaul.
  • Sew the seams in the jib.
  • Hand sew the wire luff onto the jib.
  • Cut down the staysail.
  • Sew the staysail seams.
  • Add eyelets to staysail.
  • Add eyelets to jib.
  • Hoist and check jib.
  • Make jib sheets.
  • Position and fix the job sheet fairleads.
  • Mount centre plate.
  • Fit wooden beam to trailer to support the centre plate during transport.
  • Fit wooden chocks to centreboard case to lift plate off the pivot bolt during transport.
  • Rig centre plate tackle.
  • Fit cleat on aft of centreboard case.
  • Fit mainsheet blocks on boom.
  • Cut and fit mainsheet.
  • Paint bobstay fitting.
  • Fit long screw in rudder plate for downhaul.
  • Rig up and downhauls for the rudder plate.
  • Make cockpit tent.
  • Make mainsail sail ties.
  • Cut locker door to fit over bottom boards.
  • Varnish locker door bottom.
  • Mount clock and barometer.
  • Make bobstay.
  • Make burgee.
  • Mouse all shackle pins.
  • Make a strop for the staysail furling gear around the bowsprit.
  • Fix name boards.
  • Mount the compass.
  • Make the reefing pennants.

There may be more items added to the list, but that is what I have at the moment. Will there be enough time? I don't know. The forecast for the week is pretty wet so I'm going to get a tad damp getting this lot done. Some things, like the cockpit tent, may have to wait until Naiad is on her mooring, but all the other items on the list have to be done.

To get things started the first task of the morning was to start the hand sewing of the remaining seam on the mainsail. The sailcloth in this area has too many layers to be able to sew it with a domestic sewing machine, so out came the Speedy Stitcher and half an hour later the first of the two lines of stitching had been completed.

By the end of lunchtime I had sewn the mainsail as required. You can see the result here, the brown thread is the hand sewn stuff. Not very regular or straight but it should do the trick.

The evening saw a fair number of things done, the staysail was cut down, a long screw put into the rudder blade and others but the main task was the completion of the mainsail. The eyelets were put in and the reefing pennants cut. I'll tie them into the mainsail when it is on the boat and hoisted.

Two rows of reefing points and the cringe (eyelet) in the clew of the sail.

The crinkles for attaching the sail to the mast are shown here as well as the crinkle in the tack of the sail.

And finally the cringe along the head for the sail.

The bottom was cut off the locker door so that it now clears the bottom board and the first coat of varnish applied.

I could probably not bother but I decided to anyway.

Naiad also has one of her three name plates fitted, the other two require another pair of hands.

And the cleat in the cockpit was also fitted.

The seams in the two headsails were sewn, or at least those that could be done by machine, leaving just the hand sewing to do.

But not tonight.