2017.05.13 - Sail Ho!

The main task of the day was to measure and cut out the mainsail from the secondhand sail I bought recently. Before that, however, I did a couple of other jobs first.

The bobstay fitting was carefully drilled as you can see here.

The arrangement of the holes is such that the screws do not interfere with each other. Corresponding holes were drilled in the stem and the fitting dry fitted.

It was sanded to remove the rest that had already started to form and some mill scale and finally painted with the galvanising paint.

The handle of the mud weight was given a coat and the bottom touched up in a couple of places.

After lunch the sail was spread out on the grass in the paddock, the mainsail marked out and checked, twice before bringing the sail back into the workshop.

A scaffold plank was used as a workbench and the sail laid out so that the line to cut was on the bench.

The sail was cut using a hot knife allowing about 3" for seams and reinforcements.

This is the hot knife. It's a soldering iron in real life being used for something else. I've had this since I started college after my A levels. It still works and is still useful.

And here is the sail cut out.