2017.05.12 - Not Finished With the Varnish Yet

The task for the day was to put the hardware onto the gaff and boom but when I did so I found that I had an adjustment to make.

The small sheaves are 10mm larger in diameter that the ones for which the slots were made so when the sheaves were fitted, the rope would not pass by the sheave. I had to make the notch wider at the rope end meaning that I now had to varnish the bare wood. Instead of being finished with the varnish I now find that I have more to do.

The larger sheave fitted correctly.

The cleats for the reefing ropes were added but not the outhaul cleat since I need the boom to be on the mast to position that one.

The other end of the boom was fitted and the slightly-too-long bolts trimmed.

The gaff end was fitted to the gaff.

Then I had to modify the tiller. It is too high where it passes under the horse and the shackle to which the mainsheet is tied will not pass freely from side to side with the tiller in place. Here it is reduced in thickness and varnished. More varnishing.

A significant chunk of the tiller was removed before the shackle moved freely.

The tiller passes under the horse fine, just not with this shackle on. Well it didn't but it does now.

The mud weight received a little attention after that with the application of some galvanising paint. Once that has dried and hardened I'll coat the handle as well

Then it was off to a friend from the crusing club to collect the bobstay fitting that he has welded for me.

As you can see it is a lot better than the attempt I made.

This is the way up that it will fit on to the hull. I must first take the mill scale off the inside and drill the holes for the screws, then it will be galvanised with the same paint that I used on the mud weight. Finally it will be fitted to Naiad.