2017.05.10 - Two Years

Two years ago today I returned home from a trip down South towing Naiad behind me having bought her from her previous owner.

This is how she looked when I got her...

...and the is how she looks today.

I wanted a photo of her looking good and I also needed to put the boom and gaff in place to check that I had not done something stupid, so I combined the two. I think she looks pretty good myself, but I'm biased which is as it should be.

The gaff and boom ends can be seen here, the boom end attaching to the gooseneck and the gaff end just being held to the mast by the parrel beads.

The boom and gaff sit neatly in the crutches, so the measurements all worked out.

The other task for the day was to take the cut metal pieces and the bobstay fitting that I made to a friend who is going to weld the pieces together with his MIG welder to give a markedly better result than I managed. On my return varnishing ensued.

It has been a lovely day and it was great to have the spars on Naiad even for just a little while.