2017.05.07 - Name Plates

The task for today was going to be starting on the sails but when I opened the sail bag I found seven live mice nesting inside it. Having chased the mice away the sail was laid out on the ground. Parts of it will now need to be patched where the mice have chewed it away but since it is pretty well patched already, this will not be too obvious. The real problem is that there is not enough cloth make the four sails I need. I can get the main out of the material or the two jibs and the topsail but not all four. Not even all three if I don't make the topsail just yet.

So, I have to put that aside for the moment and see if I can get another second-hand sail.

The task for the day was changed to construct two name plates for Naiad giving her three in total. The original one will be replaced at the stern and the two new ones will be fixed to the cabin sides

The first thing to so was to set up the pantograph.

It was initially quite stiff so I dismantled the joints and even though they are plastic I applied some copper grease. This seemed to do the trick. The router was put in place and the stencil set up.

A test letter was done first and since this came out very well I continued with the rest of the name.

Here is the result. Some work with a chisel is now required to get rid of the unwanted material in the middles of the letters.

This is the template for the final plates and it is twice full sized and half the stencil size.

I did several test runs on soft wood and some in oak, like this, but when it came to the real thing I messed up three times before taking a tea break.

After that things went a little better. Here are the resulting two name plates cut to size and about to be sanded.

And after sanding and rounding. These will now be painted in black and gold before being fitted to the boat.

And here we are. Black and real gold, not just gold coloured paint. Over the next day or two I'll give them both a couple of coats of sealer, then put a coat of varnish on the back sides and when that's dry they will be mounted.