2017.05.04 - Yet More Bottom Boards

The main task for the day was the completion of the last two bottom boards to complete the cockpit set of three.

And here they are. I put the partially varnished board in primarily to be able to fit the other two correctly but also to take this photo. The two new boards will now be added to the items being varnished over the next few days.

I cut the gooseneck eyebolt to length and this photo shows how the new metalwork fits to the gooseneck with the correctly sized eyebolt.

The fitting will go on this end of the boom which will be rounded first.

Two slots will be made in the sides of the boom so that the legs of the fitting fit and holes carefully drilled for the bolts. The other end of the boom will be sanded and it will be ready for varnishing. The same rounding, slots and drilling will be carried out for the gaff fitting and it too will be ready for varnishing.

Once the bolts and coach crews arrive for the sheaves, they will be dry fitted to the boom and then removed for the varnishing.

The larger of the sheaves goes in the slot that I cut in the end of the boom and will take the rope that pulls the bottom of the sail tight, known as the mains'l clew outhaul.

The smaller sheaves go in the reefing point hardware that I put on at the weekend.

The varnishing is back to taking a full hour to complete. The tiller and the mast both have more than the minimum five coats but I'm going to continue varnishing them for a couple more days. Probably only until the other spars are ready to varnish and then they will be put aside to make room. Or the mast will at least.