2017.04.24 - Trucks and Quants

The first task of the day was to complete the curved top ready for varnishing. This involved sanding and rounding the edges where possible.

A coat of varnish was applied after the sanding, the first of five.

The truck for the mast and the quant pole were the next things to be tackled. Three disks of Mahogany were cut from the remaining plank, two for the mast and the other for the quant.

The two larger ones will be glued together.

The disks were sanded, the correct edges rounded and the two larger disks glued. Conveniently the hole in the centre was just the correct size for one of the bolts I have and that was used to clamp the two halves together.

The truck for the mast has to be fastened to this. Screws are not really appropriate, so...

...I made this. Took quite a while since it needed to be a fairly good fit and certainly not too loose.

It just fits into the top of the mast. I will probably replace the screws in the mast band with longer ones that will screw into the plug.

The plug will be fastened to the truck once the glue has dried and the bolt removed. The hole will be sealed to stop any water from getting into the mast.

The smaller truck was glued and screwed to the quant.

Since I was working on the quant I used some more of the Mahogany plank to make the lower end of the pole.

This was screwed on to the quant and the gaps sealed with polysulphide sealer. Conveniently this not only cures faster if you wet it, but a wet finger can be used to smooth the sealant as well. Not that I did a particularly good job. Once the glue and sealer have dried the untreated wood on the quant will be varnished to complete it.

A good 3 1/2 hours work this afternoon and evening.