2017.04.21 - More on the Mast and Centre Plate

The tasks for today were the next stage in the construction of the mast backing pad and the start of the curved centre plate case top.

This looks like a bit of a mess but there is method in the madness. Once side of the pad wasn't that flat even after a bit of sanding so I spread thickened epoxy on that surface and put it epoxy side down on some plastic that was resting on a flat surface. I put a large lead weight on the top of the pad and left it for the epoxy to cure. Once it had cured sufficiently I removed the weight and this is the result. A lot of the epoxy has squeezed out from under the pad but not all.

It will look a lot better once the excess epoxy has been trimmed off.

The next task required a lot of measuring to get the position of the top in the correct place. Then some 8mm thick Sapele veneers were planed down to 4mm so that they were flexible, a jig was made from the measurements and the veneers lamented aver the jig to give the correct shape.

I hope.

A lot of work but only two photos. I don't touch the camera when I'm using epoxy, there's too much chance of getting some of the epoxy on it and that would not be good.