2017.04.11 - Continuing with the Mast

The task of the day was to make most of the mast hexadecagonal except for the bottom part that will fit into the tabernacle which is to be made square. This was a little tricky. Making the bottom of the mast square involved gluing on some triangular bits and making the rest of the mast hexadecagonal required the planing off of some bits and for most of the mast this was not a problem. It is where the two sections meet that the problem arose. The planing off needs to be carried out first since the front of the plane needs to ride over about 2" of the section that has to be made square. However, care is needed not to plane too far and remove wood that should have been left in place.

So, the first thing to do was to cut four triangular pieces of the same wood from which the mast is made.

The real bottom of the mast was marked...

...and this is how the corner pieces will fit.

A 45 degree chamfer was cut on one end...

...so that there is not a sharp corner at the top of the square section.

So, hexadecagonal.

But not past the top edge of the square section.

Then 32-sided (ish).

Finally the corners were glued in place. I used the galvanised panel pins to hold this in place.

It will need trimming as I made the corners a little too large to allow for the mast not being quite a s wide as I think it is.

I think the chamfers should be a little longer. I'll see once the epoxy is cured.