2017.04.09 - Shaping the Mast

I didn't get to carry out much boat work today due to buying a portable hot tub. Tina found an offer at Aldi for today, selling a hot tub at a good price. The online offer had sold out the day it went live and the six tubs in our local Aldi had been sold by 10:05 this morning, 5 minutes after they had opened. We spend most of the morning and part of the afternoon putting it together and filling it.

Still, some boat work did get done, just not a lot.

The mast with all the clamps removed and some filling done where the gap between two strakes was not properly filled. The mast is outside to take advantage of the sunshine, the warmth making the epoxy cure faster.

Six hours later the epoxy could be planed so I planed off the protruding edges.

The mast is not approximately octagonal.

The spacer on the main hatch was finished a day or two ago so I fitted the hasp for the padlock.

Varnishing got done also, but that doesn't take long right now.