2017.03.27 - The Quest for a Round Section Gaff

The main task of the day was to make the gaff hexadecagonal. In order to do this I needed to make a second spar gauge, mark the lines on the octagonal gaff and plane off the corners down to the lines. firstly, however, I put another coat of varnish on the items still in the paint shop.

Here is the spar gauge for an 8 to 16 sided section.

And the 4 to 8 sided gauge is shown below the new one.

Because my planing is not that good I marked the lines at both ends and in the middle and then joined the marks up with a straight edge.

The result seemed to be quite good, so I set the gaff up outside and set to with a plane set fine.

The result is not bad considering the taper.

It is not perfect, but then it doesn't have to be.

I used a coarse rasp to take the corners off again...

... and then sanded it a bit so that I don't get splinters when handling it.

The thin end had a little bit more attention paid to it as the rounder it is the better the turning on the lathe will be as you will see as the spars progress.

So not a bad day's work.