2017.03.26 - Out in the sunshine

The day started well. Several more things were fitted to Naiad and I made the temporary boards for the bunk slots in the forepeak.

Naiad now has found attachment points for the fenders.

The port side shows detail better than the starboard by virtue of being close to the windows.

Without guard rails the fenders will have to be tied to the superstructure.

And here she is out in the sunshine. The hinge for the fore hatch has been added but not the hatch until it has had two more coats of vanish, but I need the space in the workshop so Naiad has been moved out.

She will now stay outside whilst the spars are finished.

There will be some things added, such as the chain locker and the bobstay fitting.

The Sampson post need to be finished but that has to wait until the bowsprit is done. Nevertheless, she looks fine.

The tarpaulin now protects her from the outside elements.

And inside I now have the room to work on the spars.