2017.03.24 - Octagonal Gaff

I had in mind two tasks for today, the first being making the gaff octagonal and the second being the varnishing of the cockpit tent spreaders.

Before I started cutting the gaff I screwed a batten across the back of the table saw to make it easier to clamp guides to the table. It has need doing since I first bought the saw nearly twenty years ago.

Cutting the gaff did not take very long, it took longer to set up the table saw and guides than it did to make the cuts.

The gaff will not be tapered in any way, or it is not my intention to taper it but I may change my mind later on.

The parts of the spreaders were hung in the "paint shop" so that I can varnish each entire piece in one go. I make wire loops to pass through the holes in the wood and tied this up to the ceiling.

The fore hatch also needed the sides varnishing as I had forgotten about it until now.