2017.03.12 - Day 1 - Morning

More finishing tasks today. The galley around the locker door under the cooker was adjusted to allow the slightly larger door to fit. Five coats of varnish can be quite thick.

Screws were put in place to which cables will be attached using cable ties once the inspection is completed.

The cables from the battery and the starboard navigation light were clipped in place where I had run out of clips previously.

All the screws and bolts that protruded in the electrics box were taken out, shortened, sharp edges ground off and then replaced so that there is nothing in the box that could snag on the cables and possibly eventually wear through the insulation.

The frames for the solar panels were screwed in place, the cabin was vacuumed and the cooker put back in place.

The trailer axles were blocked up a little not enough to raise the tyres off the ground but just enough to stop the boat from rocking from side to side when you are moving around onboard.

The galley now looking smart.

The anti-rock blocks under the axle.

The tyres are still on the ground and taking weight, just not all of it. Four wedges were also made and put in place, two for each tyre.

The solar panels in place.

So far a good morning's work.

Time for lunch.