2017.03.08 - Day 5 - Lunch Break

One of the problems I've had with the painting is the overcoating time. For both the undercoat and top coat alike the quoted time is between 4-16 hours depending on the temperature. Now, as I recall and I could be wrong about this, if you leave it longer than the quoted time, then you should lightly sand the last coat to provide a key. If, on the other hand, you overcoat within the stated time, then no sanding is necessary. The temperature is no more that 10 Celsius so I've used the 16 hour figure as the limit and tried to put on a coat every 16 hours or so. Today that means taking a lunch break in addition to the time I had off to visit the physiotherapist in order to get the last coat applied. Oh well, I'll just make up the time. It's not as though I'm short of things to be working on right now.

Still, the last coat has been applied and the masking tape removed.

The finish is not great.

There are quite a lot of sags mainly due to me doing some of the painting in low light conditions. After dark that is with just the workshop lights.

But that doesn't really matter as there are no holidays in the paint where i've missed bits.

That means that the topsides are completely covered and protected but the paint.

And I can now go on to the next bit which is fitting more of the hardware.

Well, not right now but tomorrow once the paint has dried.

That concludes today's programme, more tomorrow at the normal time.