2017.03.07 - Day 6 - Evening

I have to confess that I knocked off 30 minutes early this afternoon, I couldn't wait any longer to put the first coat of burgundy paint on the hull. Of course, once I'd done that I could do no more work in the workshop for fear of stirring up the dust, so I did some varnishing and then stopped for the day.

And here she is with her final colours. Doesn't she look beautiful? I certainly think so, but then I'm biased!

From the port side.

And the stern.

This is what the varnish shop looks like, lots of things being varnished lying around the place.

Or hanging up in the case of the crutch legs.

These ones are completed and just being stored here.

And these are the solar panel frames. You can just see that I've put in long screws a little way to form legs upon which the frames can stand. This enables me to varnish all round, top and bottom in one go.