2017.03.06 - Day 7 - Evening

A long stint this evening. First up was the installation of some hardware, then the taping of the waterline and finally the application of the first undercoat on the topsides.

The two T-cleats were put in place with thread lock on the nut under the deck and butyl tape under the fitting on the deck.

A bullseye was put in place through which the rudder up and down hauls will pass.

And the horse was also installed. Again thread lock used under the deck and butyl tape between the fitting and the deck. You can also see the undercoat on the transom in this photo.

The starboard side now undercoated.

Likewise the port side. she no longer looks like a wreck but is looking really fine.

I was going to install the tabernacle but a few moment's thought persuaded me that this was not the correct time. You see, the angle of the tabernacle is important. It must be within a degree of fore and aft. If it is more than this, when the mast is lowered it will come down to one side or the other and miss the crutches in which it should rest. The only guaranteed way to achieve this is to bolt it to the mast, lay the mast in the correct position and then bolt the tabernacle to the coachroof.

For this you need the mast and I haven't built it yet.

So instead I taped and painted.