2017.03.06 - Day 7 - Morning

The task that had to be done this morning was to light up the heater so that the fire cement gets warmed up. Not that it will get very hot since the entire heater doesn't get that hot, but it still has to be done. Once the fire was started I put another coat of varnish on the work pieces in the container. I think that once this coat is dried I will have at least 5 coats on everything that is currently being worked on. This just leaves the cockpit tent spreaders to varnish aside from the cockpit and cabin sides that is.

Some things will need to be refitted since the varnish has made the them just a little bit bigger than they were. The locker lids, for example. The one under the stove in the galley was a tight fit before I varnished it, now I doubt that it will fit at all. This is not a problem as I've deliberately not varnished the rest of the galley so that I can shave a little off the hole where the lid fits to make it fit nicely without ruining the finish on the rest of the galley.

Likewise the cockpit seats. They were a tight fit before I varnished then but I did cut a small piece off each end before I started to varnish as adjusting the rest of the cockpit to make the seats fit again would not be so easy. I'll find out later on when I try to fit them.