2017.03.05 - Day 8 - Afternoon

The task for the afternoon was the wiring of the navigation lights and the solar panels.

The starboard light wired up...

...and the port light...

...and the stern light.

And the solar panels are wired up as well.

I ran out of cable clips so I'll need to source another 50 or so before the inspection and I still have to install the battery. I'm waiting on a mini-circuit breaker for that.

Now to see how much of the rest of the work I can get done before the inspection. I'd like to have the tabernacle, chain plates and rudder fitting installed, the topsides painted and the port lights put in place. I think I'll leave the varnishing of the cabin side and cockpit so that we're not having to mess around with sticky varnish come the inspection. I could try to get two or three coats on, I suppose but it will probably be better to leave it till after the inspection.