2017.03.05 - Day 8 - Morning II

The next task to be completed is the installation of the fire safety equipment since two of the three items are close to or in the way of the wiring.

The fire blanket is now in place although it was a bit tricky to install. I needed to drill 10mm holes in the front to allow a screwdriver to do up the four screws put through four 2mm holes drilled in the back.

The main cabin fire extinguisher in place. You can see the two wired from the starboard navigation light hanging by the top of the extinguisher.

The fore cabin extinguisher is now also in place.

The mounting pad for the stern light has been rounded and sanded. All the wires on the three navigation lights now have spade terminals crimped to the ends and the holes through the hull have been drilled out to that the connectors can be passed through the hull. this will allow the lights to be removed when painting and varnishing is required.

Time for lunch.