2017.03.05 - Day 8 - Morning I

Although there are several things still to be wired up today I didn't want to start with the wiring. Instead I completed the flue guard and installed and sealed the flue.

The round(ish) flue guard has been construction for some time but not finished. Here you can see the final version.

Four cross pieces were fixed to each end in a cross-hatch fashion and the flue wedges throughout the centre space.

The threads on the flue were greased with copper grease, fire-cement piped around the through-deck-fitting and the whole thing assembled. The excess fire-cement was then wiped off as you can see here.

This is the stuff I used, good to 1500 Celsius. Not that the flue will every get to that temperature, at least not without the assistance of an oxy-acetalene torch, but it is the correct gunk for the job. It has to dry for 24 hours and then the heater will be lit to properly fire the cement.

The flue-guard from the inside. It is surprisingly stiff and will do the job really well. I now have to figure out a way to cover the main body of the heater with a guard as well.