2017.03.04 - Day 9 - Evening

Since the remainder of the wiring cannot be completed without certain other things being installed, the evening's task was the installation of these other things.

The starboard navigation light.

The port navigation light.

The stern navigation light.

Strictly speaking Naiad is not required to display navigation lights as per rule Rule 25(d)(ii) Sailboats – Less than 7 Meters of the The International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea colloquially known as the ColRegs. However, anyone that does not display navigation lights when they have the means to do so is asking for trouble.

The two solar panel frames. These will be bedded in sealant to stop the majority of water getting in.

And this hole, for the cable, will also be sealed with mastic. The hole is a millimetre or so wider that the cable so that there is no likelihood of chafe.

So, ready for the rest of the wiring although the connections will not be made permanent so that the lights and panels can be removed at a later date. To allow the boat to painted and varnished, for example.

The temporary battery location. The battery will be moved to the correct place once the wiring has been done.