2017.03.01 - Day 12 - Morning

I had to be a bit careful this morning since the varnish that I applied yesterday evening is still tacky meaning that I could do nothing that raised a dust. So I added two more pieces of covering to the cockpit and with the excess epoxy from that task faired the stem mounting a little.

The new covering piece on the starboard side of the cockpit.

Not surprisingly, there's one on the port side as well.

The cockpit looks like this now. The sealer has dried so I can start the five coats of varnish whenever I can. It will, however require some thought since the moment I start that task I'll not be able to work on the interior of the boat, Careful planning is required.

The faired stem mounting. It will need a little more but I was just using up some excess epoxy today.

Same thing applies to this side. It will need to be done soon since it will be painted when the topsides are painted. Perhaps tomorrow.