2017.02.23 - Re-inverting Delayed

I had decided that the task for the day would be turning Naiad back the right way up but Storm Doris got in the way. I needed Tina to give me a helping hand so that the new bottom paint is not scratched and by mid-afternoon with cancelled trains from King's Cross and the suspension of trains between Ely and King's Lynn I had no idea just when Tina would be getting home so I postponed the turn over and did a little bit of epoxy work instead.

The new mounting pads for the chain plates are epoxied in position.

The excess epoxy will be scraped off once it has cured and the area lightly sanded.

The winds from Storm Doris were already dying down by the time I did this and the forecast for the next few days indicated that it should be suitable to finish off more of the remaining epoxy work. The cockpit and mouldings need to be sealed and the joins between the mouldings need to be smoothed over with some epoxy. The mounting pads for the lights will be sealed and fitted and also some mounting pads for the fire extinguishers made, sealed and fitted.

I have decided not to bother with bunk cushions this year but will wait until the Winter before making those. Instead I am going to put some shuttering plywood on the bunks and if I decide to sleep over I'll just used a sleep mat and two or three sleeping bags.

Likewise painting the interior. I'll complete the sealing of the plywood but I'll leave the paintwork until Naiad is either in the water or until the Winter when she is hauled out.

If at all possible I'd like to get the remaining required items for the safety inspection done this weekend. Fire safety equipment, battery and electrics box, interior lights, navigation lights and solar panels.

If time allows I'd also like to put in a heat guard around the heater but I've not figured out how to mount it so that it can be easily taken off for lighting the heater and removing the ashes.