2017.02.18 - The Last of the Keel Bands

The first task of the day was the removal of the remaining brass keel band on the two bilge runners. It has been necessary to take all the brass work off the hull for two reasons. Firstly, a lot of the brass and the brass screws have turned to copper due to the zinc leaching out in the salt water and secondly, the wood in some places has worn away or been damaged and these brass strips have obscured part of the keel and runners that needs to be inspected for other damage and repaired if required.

While the boat is only on the river the lack of these bands will not be noticed. If, on the other had, I eventually decide to moor her in a tidal mooring where she takes the ground twice a day, then it will be prudent to replace the bands to protect the keel and runners from erosion. That is going to be sometime in the future, maybe.

This is the port runner and has cleaned up well. There is a little damage to the wood but nothing major and no rot.

The starboard runner has also cleaned up well but there is damage to the runner as I could see when the runner was removed to carryout the repair. Epoxy was squeezed into the cracks and splits but some gaps still remain now exposed by the brass keel band removal and these will have to be filled before the bottom is painted. There does not seem to be any rot anywhere in the runner.

Time for a coffee break.