2017.02.17 - Cleaning Up the Keel

The task of the evening was firstly to go to King's Lynn and purchase some painting supplies since I will not have access to the car this weekend and secondly to complete the task of scraping the keel back so that it is ready for the tie-coat.

This is one of the implements I bought and it proved to be just the thing for scraping the old anti-fouling paint off the bottom of the hull. Mind you, you have to be quite careful with it and to heavy a hand could leave you with major gashes. A delicate touch is needed. I had bought some painting supplies previously but for some reason I had reread the instructions for the tie-coat and the new bottom pain and both said to use short hair rollers. the tie-coat instructions even went as far as to say that fan rollers were not suitable and guess what I had?\

Yep, foam!

Now I have shot hair rollers for the bottom paint and foam ones for the rest of the paint.

Here is the keel scraped and ready for the tie-coat.