2017.02.16 - Fitting the Skeg

The skeg was trimmed, shaped, sanded and fitted before breakfast this morning to take full advantage of the temperature. At 6am it was 6 Celsius and rising.

The skeg with the weights removed.

Trimmed, rounded and sanded ready to be epoxied in place.

The skeg, as you can see here, is very slightly misaligned which I will need to correct during the epoxy stage.

The skeg not epoxied in place. Two nails were lightly hammered into the skeg to allow two pieces of being twine to be used to centre the skeg and hold it inn the correct attitude.

Two large fillets were added to each side to strengthen the joint. The skeg will not be under much strain when the boat is in the water, but should I put her on the ground, then the skeg might take some strain. The epoxy fillets will help to prevent the skeg from becoming detached from the hull.