2017.02.13 - It's Warming Up

With the temperature warm enough ti get the varnishing going again, most of this evenings work was varnishing. I have the cockpit seats done on one side and the other to start, the flat top box has just had its last coat, the galley top locker lid has one side done and the other to do, the washboards have one coat on one side and the boom crutch legs have one coat all over. There are two more galley locker doors to start when I have the room and there is also the cockpit and hatches to do as well. All of these require five coats and each coat takes 24 hours before the next can be applied.

Once I have put on a coat of varnish on everything I can in the container, I did some epoxy work.

The moulding and the part rubbing strakes are now epoxied in place.

The bottom is now in the anchor locker.

Brown parcel tape used to stop the bottom and epoxy from falling out!