2017.02.09 - Thinking About Cooking Onboard

I am a fairly experienced boat cook having lived on a sailing boat for a number of years during the last century but I'm not an experienced cook when it comes to cooking on an alcohol stove in a very small galley, so I have been looking on the Internet for recipes and examples of things to cook in these reduced circumstances. The various boating articles are pretty sparse on alcohol stove cooking and the ones I did find assumed an oven, not just a single burner.

Now I have a Trangia 27 which I shall be using as a second burner when anchored or moored and that is primarily designed for backpacking, so I took a look to see if I could find any recipes for backpackers and hikers using the Trangia or other spirit stove. I hit the motherlode!

Take a look at this chappie for example. A Dutch guy (I think) with an amazing command of colloquial English has made a number of videos on cooking some very nice breakfasts. I particularly like the look of the bannock, bacon and egg super muffin. It would probably do for two people on a small boat, but this chap has walked for several hours before having breakfast and is then going to spend a few more hours walking after that, so a massive breakfast like this is probably needed.

It really made my mouth water.

I think I shall try some of these recipes and some of the others I've found at home using the Trangia just for practise. And I definitely am going to try to bake bread. After all, I can bake bread in a Dutch Oven in a field in Antwerp successfully, on a boat should be simple.

I'm going to look for a few more things to cook.