2017.02.07 - Cockpit Tent Spreader Brackets

Now that title is a bit of a mouthful! Early this morning I went down to the workshop, unclamped the aforesaid Cockpit Tent Spreader Brackets, brought them up to the house and placed them on the drying rack over the Rayburn. I'd like to be able to fit them this evening and I wanted the glue to be properly set.

The look a bit untidy at the moment but they will be sanded and rounded and so on so that they look a little better then they do at present. I will also need to make two slots in the poop deck which will serve as the upper bracket for the aft leg of the spreaders. The task for this evening is to get the brackets mounted, the slots in the poop deck cut, the spreaders rounded, sanded and bolted together to check for the fit and a coat of varnish put on the dismantled spreaders.

Should be doable.