2017.02.05 - More End Grain Covering

The last stint for the day saw the covering of the end grain on the fore hatch and another pair of quadrants fitted in the cockpit.

The half round mouldings loosely nailed to the fore hatch prior to glueing.

The ends were cut at 45 degrees to give a close fit.

The second pair of quadrants fitted between the aft of the cabin and the bridge deck.

A closer look at the starboard one. Two of the nails have folder over so once the epoxy and Titebond has cured and dried, these will be carefully levered upright again and cropped. The edge of the quadrants that is touching the plywood has been glued using epoxy. The other edge touching the Oak bridge deck used Titebond.

Some of the excess epoxy was used to fill the gaps on the gammon iron mounting.

This should now be a good strong mount. The gammon iron itself will be attached using 3" long number 14 silicon bronze wood screws. that should be pretty secure.