2017.02.05 - Fixing the Half Round Moulding

Having had a coffee and a piece of cake, it was time to epoxy the moulding onto the superstructure. Here the piping bag came in really handy and it was a simple job to apply the epoxy and fix the moulding to the boat. All the nails are properly hammered in place and the excess removed where required. There was enough epoxy left over at this point to go round again and fill any gaps and since there was still epoxy remaining after this, I cut and fitted two quadrants between the aft end of the cabin and the cockpit coaming.

The mouldings all fixed in place.

The fore hatch also needs edging and the various joins will need to be filled and faired to give a nice finish.

The two vertical quadrants fixed in place.

Here's a closer look at the starboard one.

Time for afternoon tea.