2017.02.02 - Gammon Iron as a Template

It is one of those 'work for two hours but don't have a lot to show for it' days today. Firstly another coat of varnish was put onto the cockpit seats, flat top and galley locker door and then I made an epoxy base on the top of the stem to hold the gammon iron. To do this I used the gammon iron as the template and screwed it in to position using parcel tape on the inside of the legs to prevent the epoxy from adhering to the metal. Likewise cardboard and parcel tape was used to prevent the epoxy from falling out of the bottom of the legs. The epoxy was made up to mayonnaise thickness so that I could use a piping bag and the epoxy was then piped into place. The front of the gammon iron was closed off using the parcel tape one piece at a time, again to prevent the epoxy from falling out and as I reached the top of each piece of tape another was put in place above the previous one with a small overlap.

I will remove the screws once the epoxy has cured a little but before it is totally done. Once the epoxy has fully cured the tape and gammon iron will be removed and the epoxy cleaned up where necessary. The screw holes may be filled in as the gammon iron may be a little too low where it is now.