2017.01.30 - Getting Ready for the Next Sealing

The major task for the day was to prepare the rest of the superstructure for being sealed. This required me to glue the tabernacle mounting pad into position, to finish and glue the through-deck-fitting mounting pad to the main coachroof and the removal of all the various furniture that I have put on such as the port lights and cleats.

The tabernacle mounting pad weighed down with a lead weight. The piece of timber wedged between the hatch and the lead is to stop the mounting pad from sliding forwards which it would otherwise.

The through-deck-fitting mounting pad now fitted...

...and a side view of the same.

Naiad with the superstructure prepared for sanding and then sealing. The port lights have been taken off as has the fore hatch. Hopefully, by tomorrow the epoxy on the mounting pads will be cured enough to allow the sanding to be done. We shall see.