2017.01.28 - Plate Rack

The next part of the preparation for the penetrating epoxy coating is the sanding of the deck and superstructure, however, that will have to wait until the epoxy on the tabernacle mount has cured sufficiently. The vibrations of the sander will cause the mount and epoxy to move around and then I'll have to do it all over again. So, the next task is the plate rack.

i had a piece of 18mm plywood left from the rudder stock and from this I cut three pieces that will form the three sides of the rack. Four slots will be routed in one side and you can see two of them in this piece,

The slots were cut one at a time on all three pieces so that the guide was in the same position for each piece ensuring that the slots are pretty much in the same place on each piece of wood.

The appropriate ends were cut as 45 degrees and then glued together.

The mitre cramps came in useful again but I still pinned two piece of wood across the open end to keep the sides the correct distance apart at that end as the glue dries.