2017.01.23 - Leak Testing

Naiad is going to be leak tested first thing tomorrow morning, so the task for this evening was to ready her for the journey. The wheels on the trailer were removed and checked for nasties that would create punctures, the axles greased, all loose items taken out as well as the bed and seat slats. Then she was strapped to the trailer.

Here she is almost ready to go. The heater is still going from yesterday so I left the flue in place. That heater has been going now for over 24 hours. The cabin is warm but only just. Still, 24 hours of burn is pretty good going.

The ratchet straps were placed over wooden block and foam to prevent the toe rail from being damaged.

The strap on the winch at the front was led aft under the boat and attached to a rope loop that was fixed to the samson post. The which was used to tighten up the strap so that she cannot slide backwards on the trainer.

Just need to put on the registration plate which is attached to the horse box and check the lights, but I'll do that tomorrow morning in the light. Apart from that, she is ready for her trip tomorrow.