2017.01.22 - More Bits & Bobs

Having finished the construction of the flat top box the tasks for the remainder of the day were to finish the battery support, fix the main hatch stop and to make and fit the foresail sheet cleats.

The battery tray has been screwed into place, the brackets for the straps added and the straps threaded. The requirement is that the battery should not be able to move more than 10mm in any direction. I figure that strapping it down lengthwise and crosswise should do the trick nicely.

Not so easy to see, but the lighter laminated piece of wood below the main hatch is the stop. It is currently held in place by two long screws and I'll probably put two more in later. Once the painting and vanishing is done this stop will be bedded in sealant but not glued.

The mountings for the foresail sheet cleats can be seen on either side of the cockpit.

The slanted holes for the sheets have also been cut but will only be finished once the edges have been soaked in penetrating epoxy.