2017.01.15 - Plate Rack Prototype

Having sorted out the mug holder it was time to look at racks for the plates. One thing guaranteed to drive sailors bonkers is things that go clink every time the boat rocks. It is infuriating. You go round stuffing socks and tea towels in to every thing to stop it happening. So Just piling plates on top of each other is just not going to be good enough for this sailor.

As always a template was made although in this case it's a prototype. I need to know how far apart the groves need to be and how wide each grove.

This was made by placing a plate on the workbench inside the frame and marking where the lip met the sides. The first batten was put in place on both sides and the second plate added. The width of the batten was then reduced until the second plate only just cleared the first one. More battens of that width were cut and place at the correct intervals resulting in four slots on either side.

In the real plate rack there will also be slots on the third side but this serves to show that the system works.

It could be mounted this was as well, it doesn't matter, however, the result is securely held plates that don't clink!