2017.01.15 - Mug Holder

The main task for today is the mug holder. My first idea was to use pegs so that I can rearrange the layout to suit whatever is put onto the shelf.

The second template. The first one was the holes on the right side of the wood which, you'll notice, are further apart that the second attempt.

The mugs go one, but not particularly well.

So, try with all the pegs in place.

Sort of okay but still not good enough.

This didn't work either. At this point I took a break and when I came back I decided to do this a completely different way.

A single mug template to get the correct size.

That fits quite well.

So, a four much template. Just about to cut the slots for the handles.

After some sanding the result is not at all bad.

The mugs all fit in...

...and it fits on the shelf.

So the real one complete with dowels to hold it off the shelf.

The mugs all still fit.

And it looks good on the shelf as well.

Tea break!