2017.01.14 - What's the time, Mr Wolf?

The brass clock and barometer arrived this morning in the post so the first task of the day was to mount them. Having done that I went back to the locker door that I started on Thursday and also the battery shelf.

The clock and barometer and the piece of plywood upon which they will be mounted. After lots of careful measuring to get them positioned correctly.

And here they are mounted in the cabin. You can easily see them from the main cabin and from the cockpit looking through the companionway. Very nice.

The locker door template (left) and the door itself on the right.

This is where the door will be fitted, when I get the hinges that is.

This is the battery shelf. The plastic brackets will allow the battery to be strapped down. they are just put in place for the moment, I'll fix them when the bolts arrive.

This is the position of the shelf. The front end will be screwed to the rib and the aft end will be screwed to the upright so that the shelf is approximately level.