2017.01.11 - Fire Safety

No work today on Naiad as it is shopping day but I did spend rather a lot of money instead. On the way to the supermarket I called in at the chandlers in Ely and bought some fire safety equipment. To wit; two fire extinguishers and a fire blanket.

I also received some tarpaulins in the post, two of which are for Naiad. the 4m x 6m one will be her Winter coat and will cover her from stem to stern and the 3m x 4m one will be her cockpit tent to be put over the cockpit when moored in inclement weather.

The photo in the top lefthand corner of the montage above shows a very comprehensive cockpit tent that is used on Shoal Waters. You'll notice that it is 'tailored' to fit her snugly. As a result such a tent is quite expensive. Initially Naiad's will just got from side to side over the boom and reach from the stern 3m forward or 4m forward depending on which way I put it on. Eventually I may be able to afford a better one. However, it will be made of a semi-transparent material to allow light in. Shoal Waters' tent makes it very dark inside.