2017.01.10 - More Filleting

With the temperature tonight forecast to be around 10 Celsius and then falling tomorrow and staying cold for the next few days I decided that getting some epoxy work done was a good idea before it becomes too cold.

So this evening's task was to place a fillet of epoxy along the inside toe rail-deck join.

It took nearly two hours to complete for the fairly simple reason that I mixed up the epoxy in small batches. It took six of these batches to make up enough epoxy to complete the work. After each batch was mixed, it was put in to a piping bag and a bead of epoxy laid along the join trying to keep the thickness of the bead as consistent as possible. Once all the epoxy in the bag had been used up a rounded spatula (ice cream stick) was used to form the fillet. A light first pass shaped the epoxy without scooping lots of it up on the spatula and then a second heavier pass formed the fillet properly, again without removing much of the epoxy in the process. The spatula was then used to remove any excess and a final pass was made where required to try and get an even fillet.

This procedure was repeated until all the toe rail-deck joints were filled. It's a slow job. Rush and you either don't put enough epoxy on the initial bead and have to go over it again, or you put down too much and then have to scoop it off. Rush the forming of the fillet and you drag the epoxy along the fillet leaving a lumpy and uneven fillet and have to spend more time getting the lumps out.

So. Two hours work at a steady pace and a pretty good result at the end.

Tedious, though!