2017.01.09 - Tabernacle and Other Backing Pads

The first task of the day was to remove the cramps on the toe rails and finish them off. The backing pad for the tabernacle was up next followed by the backing pad for the mainsheet.

The toe rails rounded and sanded.

The coachroof at the point at which the tabernacle will be mounted is curved whilst the bottom of the tabernacle is flat. To mount the tabernacle correctly a backing pad with a curved bottom and a flat top is required. The is difficult to make so I covered the underside of the backing pad with epoxy thickened with high density filler and put that onto the coachroof where it will eventually be fixed. To stop it sticking to the coachroof at this time I first put a piece of plastic sheet on the roof. Having correctly sited the backing pad and wriggled it around a little to settle the epoxy I used the tabernacle as a weight to keep the pad in the correct place and also to ensure that the epoxy layer is thinner on the centreline and thicker on the outboard edges since the weight of the tabernacle will squeeze the epoxy out.

It looks about correct and although ideally it should be vertical in both lengthways and athwart ships, it does matter if it is a degree or two out of true since the mast will be positioned using the rigging to be the correct angles.

The backing pad under the bridge deck was next. The two screws holding the forward edge can be seen on the upper right part of the photo and the other edge was held in place by the bullseye. the cleat was also mounted. The hardware is screwed in for now but will be properly fixed with bolts.

The two cleats for the rudder up and down hauls were also fitted and the holes for the rope drilled. Again, these are currently held with screws but bolts will be used for the final fitting.