2023.10.26 - Self-Steering Tiller Guide Mk3, Part VI

The various parts of the tiller guide have been sitting in the kitchen keeping warm so that the last coat of varnish cured nice and hard. It is not a perfect finish and never will be for two reasons. Firstly, the varnishing is carried out in the workshop which is full of dust and various small flying insects. I could try to rig up and paint booth but that is far too much hassle. Secondly, the finish will only stay perfect if it is not handled in any way and locked up in a cabinet somewhere. This is going to be used so there is no need for it to be perfect.

Here is the completed guide with the cleats screwed in place.

The resulting guide is fairly neat and fits onto the tiller easily and is not too obvious or obnoxious.

Now I need to wait until the weather is good enough to use it.

Time for a cup of tea.