2023.10.25 - Self-Steering Tiller Guide Mk3, Part V

I am getting close to finishing the tiller guide, the last few days have been dealing with the epoxy and varnish coatings that will preserve it from weathering and also make it look nice. Since I was working with varnish I also took the opportunity to re-mark the sounding cane.

The self-amalgamating tape that I had used to mark the cane does not seem to like the salt water and I found that the marking had come off the last time I visited, so I brought the cane home and marked it with whipping twine and paint.

A close up show one of the marks in a little more detail. I didn't bother taping the cane to prevent the paint from getting on to the cane, as you can see, since this is not a pretty item and the paint will wear off soon enough, I expect. The paint is just there to make the marks stand out.

Back to the tiller guide, the wood has been soaked with penetrating epoxy and allowed to cure inside the house in the warm for three days, then three coats of varnish were applied, the second of which was given a light sanding before the final coat was applied.

I let them hang in the workshop, which is cold at the moment, to allow any excess varnish to 'drain' down to one end and then use a brush to remove the drip. Both parts were then taken up to the house where they are hung over the Rayburn so that they warm up and the varnish cures more quickly than in the workshop. 

The decorative rope taken off the tiller a few days ago was replaced after the second coat of varnish had cured sufficiently that replacing the rope would not damage the new varnish.

Time for a cup of tea.