2023.10.20 - Self-Steering Tiller Guide Mk3, Part IV

A quick delivery meant that the drop-nose pins arrived today so the next phase of the self-steering tiller guide could be carried out.

Here they are, time to get started.

First I have to check the fit and make any adjustments. One of the recesses for the heads of the pins isn't quite deep enough, the one on the left, so that needed to be corrected.

Now the noses can be dropped to hold the lower part of the guide to the tiller.

Two washers were recessed into the lower part.

Finally, for this part, the metal pieces were glued in place with quick setting epoxy. You can also see that the two halves of the guide have been sanded to prevent chafe on the lines that the guide is designed to hold.

Tomorrow's task will be to widen the holes in the tiller so that the epoxy that will be dripped into the holes doesn't narrow the hole too much and prevent the pins from passing through. The guide will also be drenched in penetrating epoxy before the whole assembly is varnished.

Time for a cup of tea.