2023.10.18 - Self-Steering Tiller Guide Mk3, Part II

Although the drop nose pins have not arrived as yet, I do have a spare one that I can use to continue the construction of the tiller guide.

I removed the ropework from the end of the tiller, drilled the holes in the top and bottom parts of the guide in which the pin will locate and drilled a recess in the top guide to house the head of the pin.

The pin will sit in the hole and recess like this.

This shows how the drop nose pin wll secure the guide to the tiller but I'll probably recess a washer on the lower part of the guide to prevent the pin from wearing the wood.

This is the top view.

I thought about creating a shaped wooden spacer but the thin edges are going to be quite fragile so I decided to go with epoxy putty. I put clear sticky tape around the tiller to prevent the putty from sticking to the tiller, used two bolts to hold the guide securely to the tiller and pressed the epoxy putty into the gap between the guide and the tiller. I made this overful so that a little work with on the belt sander will make the faces of the putty flush with the guide. Or that's the intention. If I haven't put enough putty on and after the sanding the faces are not flush then I can always add some more putty.

The other side was also filled with the epoxy putty.

So far so good.

Once the epoxy putty has hardened sufficiently I'll turn the guide the other way around and put more putty into the other end thus making it reversible.