2023.05.26 - Fixing the Kedge Anchor Warp

So, first thing to say that that there is nothing wrong with the kedge warp per se, it is in good condition and has a length of chain before it attaches to the anchor. No, the problem is in how it is stowed.

The warp and chain are stowed in a round plastic laundry basket with an upturned large plastic flower pot in the centre as a boss around which the warp is coiled.

Here you can see that the warp only come up about 2/3rd of the height of the basket and there''s all the wasted space taken up by the flower pot. Now, I dare say that this is an ideal arrangement for storing the warp off the boat but aboard it will only fit in one place and that is in the lazarette and only then If I push hard enough to bend the plastic.

This is my solution. I brought the whole thing less the anchor home and measured the length of the chain and warp and the diameter of the warp. The chain is 10.6m and the warp 76.4m which are odd lengths until you convert to Imperial and then it's 35 ft and 250 ft which are not so odd at all. The diameter of the warp is 10mm. I used a cable reel capacity calculator online to try a few sizes of reel that will easily hold 250 ft of warp and cap up with a flange diameter of 250mm, a belly diameter of 50mm and a belly length of 250mm. It didn't take long to make on as you see here.

The central spindle has a slot cut through it and the spindle and the six outer shafts are glued in place.

I had a piece of 20mm x 3mm stainless steel bar and this is going to be inserted into the slot and from which a turning handle will be made.

The bar will be able to protrude from both ends meaning that the reel may be turned from either end.

I bought some bearings and these will be fitted into a frame and the reel will have two protrusions that will fit tightly through the inner hole of hte bearings.

Time for a cup f tea.